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The Rx for Healthcare Transformation

When medicine meets leadership everything changes: the culture, the care,
the way we 
collaborate, and most importantly, outcomes


Physician Leadership: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation

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About the Book

The US faces a watershed moment. We must decide as a nation whether our citizens will live their lives in good health at a reasonable cost. At almost 18% of GDP, our current healthcare cost structure is unsustainable. The media headlines are bursting with stories and misinformation, often to the detriment of the healthcare industry.

Are we up to the challenge? A few enterprising leaders have already made the shift: they have committed their lives and their organizations to a path of transformational change. While these leaders come from different backgrounds and organizations, they share one belief: healthcare transformation is only possible under leadership provided by the ones who are the lifeblood of healthcare – physicians.

The danger is that physicians who should be in the vanguard of this transformation are in danger of being relegated to the sidelines. Absent their leadership, healthcare transformation will fail to materialize or resemble at best a patchwork of temporary solutions driven by short-term thinking.

In Physician Leadership: The Rx for Healthcare Transformation, Mo Kasti shows how physician leadership marshals the forces of change to make a difference in performance and outcomes in healthcare organizations throughout the country.

As the founder and CEO of the ground-breaking Physician Leadership Institute, Mo Kasti invites us to imagine an optimistic future of healthcare – powered by physician leadership.

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Who Should Read this Book

  • This book is a must read if your are:
  • A physician interested in improving your leadership skills and competencies
  • A healthcare professional interested in using physician leadership as a tool for organizational transformation
  • An executive interested in improving the strategy and performance of your organization
  • A consultant working in the healthcare industry
  • A front-line clinician, nurse, and healthcare team member looking to understand how collaborative leadership can help job satisfaction and job performance


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